A Perfect 10 with Tracey Pagana

Today we sit down with Tracey Pagana to talk about her work and her inspiration. Please enjoy this edition of A Perfect 10.

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Tracey 1

  • Does writing energize or exhaust you?

I think I would have to say both words apply to that question for me.  The energizing part is the healing and journey and the ability to have had the opportunity to write about it. The exhausting part was the personal story and life lessons. Hanging out my laundry and being exposed was exhausting during the process.

  • Do you ever write under a pseudonym? If not have you considered it? Why or why not?

No my book is a personal healing story and journey so I thought best for the type of book it is to use my identity.  However in saying this of course I have changed names to protect the identity of people who share in the book.

  • Does a big ego help or hurt writers? Why or why not?

I think that ego is imperative for an author; healthy ego creates positive attitude and healthy self-esteem.  In my case I check my ego at the door and write from my soul’s perspective and then pick my ego up and check on its perspective. When the two agree I am satisfied with the message of my writing.

  • What was the best money you ever spent as a writer?

Without a doubt my editor and the publishing company who completed the project.

  • What does writing success look like to you? Have you achieved it?

I think success for me is in the moments I live my life.  So the fact that I wrote a book was successful all on its own merit.  Writing a book has never been a dream or a long unfulfilled desire. The success has already happened in the process of the writing and in the testimonials I am receiving.  My message is one of self-love staring from your own innerspace.

  • What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before

I did not do very much research on the book.  The bit of research that I did do was on explaining the origin of Reiki a form of hands on healing. The only other research was on the Chackra system that Reiki works in conjunction with when practicing. The other research was to explain senses used from a soul’s perspective called cog-nonsense

  • When you are beginning a book, what sources do you use?

My life experiences and the two worlds I am familiar with worldly education, soul education

  • How do you select the names of your characters? Have you ever regretted choosing a particular name? Why?

This question does not apply to my writing

  • What is the hardest type of scene to write?

Probably the personal experiences and the truth leaving me somewhat naked and vulnerable!

  • If you could have dinner with four people, living or dead, who would they be and what would you want to ask them?


Dr. Wayne Dyer – How can I continue to love the masses of people with the same passion, consistency, and vitality! I have asked you to write through me in spirit form and I miss your presence but still feel you as strong as ever!


Elvis – Can you explain why you had so much more than most and why you seemed so sad at the end of your life? Did you really die or were you just too tired and gave it all up for peace and lived a very long time incognito?


Mother Teresa – How hard was it to witness what you did day in and day out? Did you ever feel like you were having a day that the heavens opened up and your heart was just for the day full of joy pain free?


Madonna– I just think you were and still probably misunderstood?  Maybe even judged. You intrigue people you have a way about you that connects to all, not all good, not all bad ….just connections   very powerful tool to reach many if you wanted too!

  • What platform has brought you the most success in marketing your books?

Probably, at this point, myself and own driving passion, energy, the mission I feel called to… reaching people with a message of love.  Same message just a different messenger. We do however have; thanks to the people who believed in me, a very professional package and product.  We are almost ready to use our web domain and have had a videographer work with a trailer. I have new clients based on the messages as well as new people reading the book and listening to the CD (music I recorded years ago related to the story in the book) The marketing will continue as we will have hard copies and CD for purchase in book stores as well as pay pal and on line purchases.

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