These are the 2 Types of Rough Drafts

Check out this post by Samantha Fenton from Ryan Lanz’s blog on the two types of rough drafts

A Writer's Path

by Samantha Fenton

Not every rough draft is created equal. There are different ways of mind when writing the rough draft. Depending on your style, maybe your draft has taken forever to write. You just want to get it as perfect as possible. Or maybe the rough draft is just a chance to get the ideas on the page and get it over with as quickly as possible. I have found it to be an either/or situation. Either you want the rough draft to be as perfect as possible, or you try to get it out of the way and focus on getting the general idea on the page.

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It’s another great batch of alternative movie posters from JMount’s Written in Blood blog

Can you believe that this year is already a third of the way over? To close out the month of April I present to you 10 more alt-posters that I sincerely hope you will enjoy.

Alien by N.C. Winters

Batman by Mike Mahle

Casablanca – Sam Gets Requests by Laurent Durieux

Fargo: Season 2 by Lee Thomas

Pieces by Joshua Kelly

Pinocchio by Kilian Eng

Rope by Laurent Durieux

Rosemary’s Baby by Greg Ruth

The Devil’s Backbone by Lola Beltran

They Live by Christopher Shy

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – The Art of Murder by Dakota McGraw

Check out the book, The Art of Murder, by Dakota McGraw, from the Smorgasbord Invitation blog

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Welcome to Dakota McGraw and her new book which was released at the end of March,The Art of Murder: A Vincent Kapoulous Crime Story.

About the book

What was Reginald Johnson Harrison into? And did Sylvia Shannon kill him?

Those are the two questions that keep playing in the mind of Detective Vincent Kapoulous.

The best detective on the case is stumped. It doesn’t help that the person of interest is one of the most beautiful women he’s meet—and he’s fallen for her.

But putting that aside, he has a case to solve. So using his unorthodox methods, with the help of his ride or die secretary and rookie partner, they set out to find out about missing paintings, dead bodies and possibly one of the most beautiful serial killers in the world.

Sylvia Shannon is confused, in the dark and a suspect for murder. With a stepsister…

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Defeating Conference Regret

Here is a great post from the Brevity blog on the challenges of attending writing conferences

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

zz Sarah Evans.jpgBy Sarah Evans

The first type of writing conference regret typically hits shortly after the event begins.

You’ve just walked out of your first breakout session, one that you picked after poring over the descriptions and presenter bios to decide which one was right for you. In the hallway, you bump into attendees who went to a different session — one you’d considered but eventually rejected — and all of them are buzzing about how amazing their presenter was, how their notebooks are filled with words of inspiration, how the whole conference was worth it for just that one talk.

You sigh, because even though the session you picked was quite good, it never seems to live up to the mythic-level one you didn’t attend.

This happened to me last May at the Creative Nonfiction Writers’ Conference in Pittsburgh. Organizers asked us to choose our first session months in advance…

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Antony Millen

Check out the book, The Chain, by Antony Millen as featured on the Reading Recommendations blog

Reading Recommendations

Antony Millen

What is your latest release and what genre is it?The Chain – Young Adult dystopian

Quick description: The year is 2043. Empowered by the anti-encryption program, ICALL, and the world-wide wireless Blanket, the Global Domain reigns over all colocation centres with its Connectivist ideology, enforcing mandatory online activity for every eartizen and disabling attempts to secure privacy. The Domain’s slogans are: “Secrecy Threatens Security” and “Privacy Prevents Prosperity and Peace.”

From his death-bed in New Zealand, Fenton Ouvert commissions his sons, Topia and Lukan, to locate a flash drive containing the files of Jeremy Winterton, files stolen thirty years earlier from international surveillance agencies. A former investigative journalist, Ouvert hid the flash drive at the end of a chain of clue-bearers around the world. Contacted by the resistance movement known as Arachne, Ouvert believes the drive contains original plans for the ICALL program and thus, hope for…

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8 Reasons why Scrivener is my writing tool of choice #amwriting #writing #writingtools #Scrivener

8 Reasons why Scrivener is my writing tool of choice #amwriting #writing #writingtools #Scrivener

Check out this great post fro The Writing Chimp blog on the value of using Scrivener as a writing tool

G.L. Cromarty

I have been writing for a long time now, over twenty years in fact. When I first started, there wasn’t even the basics such as Microsoft Word. I was pretty excited when Word came out!

But in 2011 I moved from a Windows PC to an Apple Mac, and I have been using Scrivener ever since. It was originally only available on the Mac, but you can now get a windows version.

So, I have been using Scrivener for quite a while.  I can honestly say that I am more productive with Scrivener than I ever was with Word or those even worse writing applications that came before. And I thought I would share a few highlights as to why I love Scrivener so much.

  1. It lets you chop up your book. If you are anything like me, the order of chapters at the start is not the order at…

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Excerpt from Ravynwyng Chronicles Universe Volume 1: The Beginning

Check out this excerpt from the Ravynwyng Chronicales by Anna Dobritt from her blog

Anna Dobritt -- Author


Ravyn found herself in the dream garden, flowers gleamed in the light of the full moon. Cara sat beside her on the marble bench. ‘Why are we here?’

‘Someone wants to talk to you,’ Cara replied.

The air before Ravyn shimmered, a silvery light that grew brighter as she watched. A tall woman with short black hair and light gray eyes emerged with a smile playing about her lips. Ravyn blushed when an unbidden thought of going to bed with the woman flitted through her mind.

Cara pecked Ravyn on the arm in gentle reprimand. ‘Again with the sex? Wasn’t your earlier romp enough?’

Ravyn bowed her head to hide the blush. The woman took a seat on the grass and folded her legs beneath her. ‘Hello, Ravyn Wyng. I’m Lady Raven.’

‘Um. Hello.’ Ravyn kept her eyes averted.

Cara chuckled as she moved to perch on her human’s shoulder…

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