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Posts on topics that fit the Indie Author lifestyle to provoke thinking and discussion.

Self-Publishing – Your Fellow Authors are not Your Enemies – Let’s Help Each Other Combating the Snobbery of Traditional Publishing as an Independent Author Am I a Real Author? As a Writer, What Do You Read? Are You a Prolific Author?
The Time is Now – Become a Published Author Writing a Book is a Wonderful Gift for your Children As an Author, Are You a Good Audience Member? Top Excuses for Not Writing Your Book and How to Get Over Them My Point of View on Point of View
Revisiting Some Old Advice Ultimate Guide Revised – Chapter 5 Ultimate Guide – Chapter 10 The Ultimate Guide – Chapter 13 Indie or Traditional; How Does One Choose
10 Handy Writing Tips That I Use Regularly – Part 1 10 More Handy Writing Tips That I Use Regularly – Part 2 Keeping a Writer’s Notebook – Do You? You should! – Part 1 Keeping a Writer’s Notebook – Do You? You should! – Part 2 Keeping a Writer’s Notebook – Do You? You should! – Part 3
Keeping a Writer’s Notebook – Do You? You should! – Part 4 Writer, Heal Thyself! Writing about a location – Do you have to go there? As a Writer, What Inspires You? How did you discover you wanted to be a writer?
Future plans – realistic and unrealistic Your First Novel – An Accomplishment and a Valuable Tool Keeping the Passion for Writing Going – What’s the secret? It’s a Rainy Day. What do you Do? What is the Soundtrack for Your Writing


These are posts that deal with content. Whether it’s characters, beginnings, endings, research, etc. Anything that affects content in your writing

So, You Want to be a Writer. What are You Going to Write  About Writing Your First Book – Where Do You Start? Doing Research – Making sure your writing is right Ultimate Guide Revised – Chapter 4 Some Helpful Writing Tips
More Writing Tips – Part 3 Writing Tips – Part 4 How Does One Decide What to Write About? It’s all about characters – How do you create compelling ones? Grabbing Your Reader’s Attention From the Beginning of Your Novel
Endings – How Important Are They? Working on the Middle (Muddle) of your Novel. Characterization Tips – What to Avoid, Where to Focus Characterization Tips – The Sequel How do you get readers to turn the pages?
Simplicity in Writing How Many Characters Do You Need in Your Story? So Many Ideas, So Little Time Movies That Inspired Me to Write


Here are some posts to make this tedious, yet important, task more palatable.

If It Sounds Like Writing, Rewrite It The Importance of an Editor and Beta Readers for Independent Authors Listen to Your Writing Pardon My Mistake Ultimate Guide – Revised Chapter 3
Ultimate Guide Revised – Chapter 6 Getting back to basics – Making your writing sound good to the reader


Indie Authors face challenges that traditional authors are not familiar with. Here are some posts to help overcome them.

Indie Authors – What is your toughest challenge? Part I of an ongoing series Writer’s Block – Is it really a thing or is it just another form of procrastination? Top Ten Time Management Tips for Authors with Day Jobs The Ultimate Guide – Chapter 8


Writing does have some rules and structure. Here are some posts that address these things.

Instead of Worrying About First Person vs. Third Person, How About the “Right” Person? To Outline or Not to Outline – Or is There a Third Choice? Keeping Track of Your Characters – Who is Who and What Have They Done? Visualizing Your Writing – A Different Way to Analyze What You’ve Written Top 10 Tips For Formatting Your Book – Saving Trees/Bytes vs. Making it Look Good
Choosing a Book Title – Make Good Choices Writing from the Right Perspective 10 Writing Tips – Part 1 10 Writing Tips – Part 2 10 Writing Tips – Part 3
10 Writing Tips – Part 4 Back Story – When do you use it? How much should you use? Is it necessary? Ultimate Guide – Revised Chapter 2 The Ultimate Guide – Chapter 9 The Ultimate Guide – Chapter 12
8 Tips For Formatting Your Book Don’t Use Exclamation Points in Your Writing!!! Gender in Writing Style Writing a Novel – The Four Steps I Use U.K. vs. U.S. Writing Style and Word Usage
Avoiding Cliches – The Name of the Game or Making a Mountain out of a Mole Hill? Showing vs. Telling – What Does it Really Mean? Book Covers – Does Size Matter? Book Length in a Series – Does it matter? Beginnings – How do famous writers stack up?


Love it or hate it, book promotion is a necessary evil. Here are some posts with help in this area.

Independently-Published Authors – Your Best Marketing Tool – Reasons to Quickly Write Your Next Book Independent Publishers – Outsource Your Marketing to Save Yourself Time How Doing Time in Facebook Jail Helped Me Rethink My Book Marketing The Birth, Care, and Feeding of a Mailing List – Part 1 Free Book Promotions – Are they worth it?
What Steps Do You Follow Leading Up To A Book Launch? – Part 1 What Steps Do You Follow Leading Up To A Book Launch? – Part 2 Seven Factors in Generating Interest in Your Book Three Truths About Authors and Social Media Ultimate Guide Revised – Chapter 7
The Ultimate Guide – Chapter 14 Making Book Marketing Tolerable


These are posts that relate to the Indie Publishing Industry to help you navigate your way

Independent Publishing  Statistically Speaking – Measuring up Against Traditional Publishing Ultimate Guide -Chapter 17 Seven Quick Indie-Publishing Tips Indie-Publishing Tips – Writing as a Business More Indie Publishing Tips

Beta/Advance Readers

Here are some posts on the topic of Betat Readers and Advance Reader Copies and how they can benefit indie authors

The Pros and Cons of Beta Readers for Indie Authors Advance Reader Copies – Are They Worth it?

Audio Books

Audio books are another potential platform for indie authors. These posts tell you how to get started.

Ultimate Guide – Chapter 11 Another Potential Market for Indie Authors – Audio Books – Part 1 Another Potential Market for Indie Authors – Audio Books – Part 2 Another Potential Market for Indie Authors – Audio Books – Part 3