Shock, horror: paranoid schizophrenic steps outside – Guest Post by Anne Goodwin…

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Several years ago, after a family tragedy raised a mountain of unresolved personal issues, I succumbed to a virus – no, not that one! – I couldn’t shake off. My GP recommended a couple of weeks’ sick leave, which stretched to six. When I need a sick note, we quibbled over the diagnosis: he proposed anxiety, I thought depression. I can’t recall who won.

It didn’t matter. Taking myself out for walks between bouts of crying, I didn’t have to drag along an unattractive tag, such as“the depressive” or “the anxiety state”. Not so the people I worked with, whose more serious diagnoses smothered their other identities. Schoolteacher, skater, Scorpio stripped away once they qualified as “schizophrenic”.

This would be less controversial if the mental patient identity defined them only within services. Diagnosis is a ticket to treatment and care. But it extends far wider. Witness the media response when…

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How Not To Start A New Book

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As many of you already know, my writing process is a bit unorthodox. With the books so far written in my ‘The Council Of Twelve’ series, I generally worked as follows:

1. Preparation (develop characters and update character sheets)

2. Draft plot and take notes

3. Start writing the first draft of the book by hand

4. Read the first draft, make necessary corrections in red

5. Type the corrected draft into the computer

6. Personal editing I

7. Personal editing II

9. Send book to the editor

10. Additional steps after the book is returned to me, fully proofread, edited, and formatted…

‘The Council of Twelve’ series is published with four books, and books 5 and 6 are written and prepared to be published. I have an additional book connected to the series currently with my editor. Book 7 is in my personal editing; books 8 and 9 are…

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5 Steps to Creating a Unique Character Voice – From the Writers in the Storm Blog

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

Create unique character voices by varying how they communicate with other characters.

I’m one of those writers who needs to put my characters through a first draft before I figure out who they really are. Tossing them into trouble and watching how they wrangle their way out of it helps me get to know them. Their dialogue and voices are usually interchangeable at first. It’s more about what they say than how they say it, or even why they say it.

The voices usually come to me as I write, and by the end of the first draft, I’ve written snippets of voice that let me see and hear the characters. On draft two, I develop those snippets into fleshed-out characters. 

Since I don’t hear my characters first (like many writers do), I make conscious choices about their voices, and craft them same as I do a setting or the plot. Which keeps my authorial nose out of my character’s business, and lets them be who they are—not extensions of who am. Characters who all sound like the protagonist or the author is a common first-draft issue for a lot of writers.

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What I Learned from High School History

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Hi, SEers. You’re with Mae today, and I’m spinning the clock back to highlight education during my teen years.

High school history taught me numerous events, but it also taught me something about myself. When I was in school, I sorta/maybe/kinda liked history class, but there was something missing. It was only later, as an adult, I’d discover what that something was.


History taught me about events. The American Revolution, the Civil War, the U.S. expansion west, the Plains-Indian War, etc. I found all of that fascinating to a degree, but it lacked the human element. I’m not sure what made me pick up my first nonfiction title as an adult. The book was called The Patriots, written about the men behind the American Revolution. Men who became the founding fathers of the United States.

Suddenly I was reading about the people behind the incident, rather than the…

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Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New Author on the Shelves – #Biographical #Fiction – Ever Rest by Roz Morris

Over at the Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore there’s a New Author on the Shelves with the book, Ever Rest by Roz Morris

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Delighted to welcome journalist, ghostwriter, editor and writing coach Roz Morristo the Cafe and Bookstore with her books. Today I am featuring her latest release Ever Rest: How far must you go to come back to life?

About the book

I almost regret this is not a true story, because I believed every word.’ Amazon reviewer
‘Highly captivating, highly unusual… one of the best novels to come out of Britain this year.’ Garry Craig Powell, author, Stoning The Devil

Twenty years ago, Hugo and Ash were on top of the world. As the acclaimed rock band Ashbirds they were poised for superstardom. Then Ash went missing, lost in a mountaineering accident, and the lives of Hugo and everyone around him were changed forever. Irrepressible, infuriating, mesmerizing Ash left a hole they could never hope to fill.

Two decades on, Ash’s fiancée Elza is still struggling to move on…

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Top Ten Things Not to do at a School Reunion

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Fiction Favorites

Unsplash photo by Baim Hanif

This post was originally run on July 6th, 2015. Since several reunions are going on this summer, I thought you would enjoy it again.

Top Ten Things Not to do at a School Reunion

10 If you attend a school reunion, do not pose for photos that you don’t know where they will be published. If you do at best, the photos will only be traded among classmates. At worst, they will end up on the “what the not to wear, eat, or drink” website. (Which will go viral, and you’ll be getting calls from the Today show to appear on their segment called EXCESS)

9 If you attend a school reunion, do not pretend to be what you are not. If you do, at best, your little fib will be seen as a joke. At worst, your profile on the class newsletter will be…

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