7 Ways Authors Can Sell More Books in International Markets

Check out this post from the How to eBook blog with 7 ways authors can sell more books in international markets

How To Ebook

7 Ways Authors Can Sell More Books in International Markets

If you’ve never considered trying to sell more books internationally, maybe you should. English is the primary language spoken lots of places, with around 20% of the world speaking and reading it. That translates to 1.5 billion people. If that number doesn’t sway you, consider this: Germany has 51.5 million English speakers and has 7 billion in sales for English language books alone. The third largest market in English is India, behind the US and UK. So an international sales strategy is smart book marketing!

Some authors, wanting to dig into international markets and sell more books there, will work with foreign rights or translators. Both of these options can get quite pricey. And while this is still a good thing to consider, often the cost of a book translator (which can exceed $30,000), doesn’t always make sense or…

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