Photography 101: Another Exercise in Photo Editing

Check out the latest post from Stephen Dennstedt’s blog in his Photography 101 Series. This one is on the topic of photo editing.

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

Stephen F. Dennstedt

I am NOT God’s gift to photo editing. But in my defense I’ve never claimed to be. When I switched from film to digital technology in 2009 it presented me with a HUGE learning curve. In the days of film my images (except for some very basic B&W) went to the lab for processing and editing.

I would write my editing notes (cropping, burning & dodging) on a contact print and hope that the lab-weenies would follow my directions. Sometimes they did but oftentimes they did not—and that was frustrating. Now I am in complete control with  my digital editing and I take full responsibility for the outcome.

Today I spend about 25% of my time capturing images in RAW and 75% of my time editing those RAW files. I love having complete creative control over my work and being totally responsible for the good, the bad…

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