Clarity and Variety – From the Writers in the Storm Blog

Tasha Seegmiller

Clarity & Variety title badgeWhen we have clarity with our writing, we know where we are going, whether that is genre or the project. Having clarity in our writing is like going on a hike — there may still be some unexpected things, but there is path, and we know where the path will lead.

Variety in writing is what keeps us sane, er, what allows us to avoid boredom. Whether this is working on two projects at the same time or manipulating the genre, etc. for a bit, we are excited by the chance to do something a little different, to play in a different world, to get to know a different character.

One of the things that we must keep in mind, when exploring the ideas of clarity and variety in our writing, is that we need to be in balance. Having lots of clarity when writing, but no variety makes a project trudge along. It can feel more like work than work feels, and it often ends up with us longing to abandon the project. The caveat to this is that by edit 5+ we probably ALL feel like we are trudging. That doesn’t count.

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