7 Tips to Putting Social Media in Fiction

Legends of Windemere

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Being a fantasy author, this really isn’t my area of expertise.  Closest thing to social media in my world are telepaths and that’s a little bit too invasive.  Okay, maybe they’re not as invasive as Facebook, but we’ll see where this goes.  By the way, Bedlam doesn’t help me either because nobody has the time for tweets when there are cannibals sizing you up for a pot.

  1. Figure out a fun way to reveal the tweets, posts, and status updates.  Characters can talk about them, but that can be boring.  You can always go the italic route in the middle of conversations or use it for an opener.  Barring all of that, you could just write the entire thing in tweets.  What could go wrong?
  2. Create your own social media program to avoid getting sued.  Look at what’s wrong with the current crop and improve on it…

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