Taking Over For Dan: Guest Blog Post by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Here is an excellent guest post from Jessica Marie Baumgartner on the topic of book releases

Dan Alatorre

stock-vector-welcome-to-england-red-round-ribbon-stamp-285269771 I’m vacationing!

Friend of the blog Jessica Marie Baumgartner takes the wheel today as I tour the English countryside.

There is nothing like a book release!

The fresh wonder of word play and discovering new perspectives. Escaping the all the junk in life. And when it comes time for a writer to become an author and delve into book releases they become a universe of anxiety, insanity, and accomplishment.

There are many ways to get there. I took the indie route. I need someone to tell me no and help me edit my work into something that really speaks to a wide audience. Growing my skills is always my main priority so each release is different.

TGRNot one of them has gone off without a hitch. There is always some typo to fix, resizing needed, formatting issues, or the dreaded blurb. Some publishers take care of all that for you…

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