Uploading your Self-Publishing Paperback to KDP Print

Check out this extremely helpful post from the Plaisted Publishing House blog on uploading your self-publishing paperback to KDP print.

Plaisted Publishing

We all know that KDP Print is likely to be taking over from Createspace when they finally close their doors (after all we’ve seen go on in the last 12 mth) I thought it would be good to do a presentation for those who wish to use KDP Print.

In the early days, I heard a lot of complaints.  Their book cover wrap kept rejecting book covers which Createspace always accepted. There were no Author priced copies, the author was paying the same as any other customer… etc.

Needless to say they have slowly improved as the last 12 mths progressed. People are happier with their service. I have just put up my first book to see what all the fuss is about and so I can give this presentation to you all.  

How it Works


KDP Paper1

As you can see from the above image you need to…

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1 thought on “Uploading your Self-Publishing Paperback to KDP Print

  1. I get confused, do you submit the formatted manuscript created in CreateSpace, the formatted from KDP ebook, or separate pdf from Word? A year ago I tried to submit my pdf document using the recommend format (i.e. margins, bleed, etc.) and I never could get it to look good. I ended up submitting my ebook with KDP and paperback with CreateSpace. Then beg Amazon to put them on the same page. I’m getting ready to start the formatting process and uncertain which way to go this time. Any advice would be appreciated.


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