The Best Way to Spend the First 15 Minutes of Every Writing Session

Check out this great post from the Novelty Revisions blog on the best way to spend the first 15 minutes of every writing session.

Meg Dowell Writes

Every run begins with a jog.

Every rehearsal begins with a round of scales.

If every athlete and every musician precedes every practice or performance with a warmup, shouldn’t every writer start any given session with something similar?

What happens if you start a run with a full-on sprint? Your muscles protest.

What happens if you start singing without doing your scales? Your voice cracks.

So, logically, why would you jump straight into working on your book or writing an article before you “warm up”? Chances are, you’ll get off to a rough or slow start. You won’t be as productive as you could have otherwise been. And you certainly won’t do your best work. You won’t perform to the best of your ability, to your highest possible standard.

While this might seem like a waste of time to some — why spend time “warming up” when you could just…

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