Ten Best Self-Publishing Tips

Check out this great post from D.C. Lozar’s blog with some great self-publishing tips.


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Ten Best Self-publishing Tips – D.C. Lozar

I’ll start by saying that I discovered these pearls through a good deal of trial and error, and I’m publishing them in hopes of streamlining my fellow author’s journey. Solid ground tends to crumble if you stand on it too long. This is what worked for me this year, but it will change. Let me know if you have something to add or thoughts on the list. I hope this helps.

Writers are dreamers who adapt.

  1. Design a Cover in Your Mind.A great cover can inspire your imagination and provide validation for what you’re doing. Also, your reader will never know what a wonderful storyteller you are if you can’t hook them with some eye-candy. Now, here’s the hard part – Don’t buy the cover until the book’s done. Visualization is a powerful tool, but stories have a way of mutating. You…

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