Lessons From a Boring Book

Check out this great post from Samantha House’s blog on what you can learn from a boring book.

Samantha House


The other day I read a book that was boring. The concept was great, it was that which drew me in, in the first place, and the grammar and punctuation was perfect, but there was still something missing. By this time I was  two or three chapters in and wondering if it was worth continuing, but then it hit me, I could learn from this. So I went back to the start and this is what I found out.

Info dumps are bad, like really bad. In short order I found out that the main character was not like all the other werewolves and they expected him to live a short life. Also he couldn’t shift and they, as a group, hated vampires. No problem, except I was told all this in pretty much one giant paragraph. There were plenty of opportunities for this information to be spread throughout the…

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