If Amazon Isn’t A Monster, Then Who Is The Publishing Baddie Under Our Beds?

Check out this great post from Tara Sparling on the role of Amazon among publishers from her blog.

Tara Sparling writes

Just to prove that I am an equal opportunities moaner, I am about to speak outin defence of Amazon.

NOOOO! COME BACK! I’ll try to make it entertaining, I swear!

I know that I had a right dig at them last week, for the ridiculous genre pigeon-holing and shoe-horning which appears to be having a very detrimental effect on the entire book market right now, but a most interesting report emerged this month from ALLi, the Alliance Of Independent Authors in the UK & Ireland.

You know I love graphs and visualisations. But it’s rare that a report will come out which is so beautifully informative*, that it causes my pupils to dilate and I start panting. Any further physical symptoms I will leave to your imagination before this post gets X-rated, but my Blog, what a gorgeous array of data. And what brain-bending conclusions can be drawnfrom it.

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