Check out this great post from Tara Sparling on the role of Amazon among publishers from her blog.

Tara Sparling writes

Just to prove that I am an equal opportunities moaner, I am about to speak outin defence of Amazon.

NOOOO! COME BACK! I’ll try to make it entertaining, I swear!

I know that I had a right dig at them last week, for the ridiculous genre pigeon-holing and shoe-horning which appears to be having a very detrimental effect on the entire book market right now, but a most interesting report emerged this month from ALLi, the Alliance Of Independent Authors in the UK & Ireland.

You know I love graphs and visualisations. But it’s rare that a report will come out which is so beautifully informative*, that it causes my pupils to dilate and I start panting. Any further physical symptoms I will leave to your imagination before this post gets X-rated, but my Blog, what a gorgeous array of data. And what brain-bending conclusions can be drawnfrom it.

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