Road Tales/Rode Tails (25)

Enjoy Road Tales/Rode Tails – Part 24 from Armond Blackwater’s blog

Armond Blackwater

Cabin Fever

Bad news came around the 1st of November when Buster Lafontaine learned that he had been drafted. We threw a big party for him down in the North End in the garage at 314 John. It was a nervous affair because Patty insisted on coming with me. All that Patty cared about was the beer and wine. She brought her own whiskey. I couldn’t protest too much lest she become suspicious. I wasn’t sure what the sisters Lafontaine might say or do. Would they be jealous? Would they inform Patty of my unfaithfulness? Would I still have balls in the morning?

Everything was cool, though. Loraine and Mary had their own guys in tow and everyone focused upon Buster who was scheduled to leave before Thanksgiving. It was impossible to think of life without Buster. We asked him to be very careful. One guy offered to shoot…

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