Interview with John D. Bethel Author of Blood Moon

Check out this interview with author John D. Bethel from the Mystery Thriller Week blog

Mystery Thriller Week

Blood Moon

J. David Bethel is a writer of fiction and non-fiction. He has been published in popular consumer magazines and respected political journals. He is the author of Evil Town, a novel of political intrigue that is receiving praise from a number of Washington opinion leaders

“Truth is stranger than fiction”…Mark Twain

“This was a story well worth telling.”- Benjamin Thomas

Questions and Answers for Mystery Thriller Week

How did you come across this story and what compelled you to tell it?

The details of the crime came to me from Ed DuBois.  Ed runs a security firm, Investigators, Inc., and had been brought into the case by a mutual friend of Marc Schiller, the victim.  Ed read my novel Evil Town and enjoyed it, and when he wanted to explore the possibilities of having a book written about the crime, he contacted me.

Initially, Ed wanted a true crime book written to…

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