What to do with a stubborn character

Check out this great post from Jean’s Writing blog on the topic of dealing with stubborn characters.

Jean's Writing

Damned if I know.

I’ve been writing, on and off for the past few months, on a novel. Working on the idea and research for much longer. I was motoring right along when all of a sudden the story began sputteringfuel-2741_640.

Ever happen to you?

In an effort to nudge my protagonist along, I played with the outline and plot adding bits of information here and there, but she wasn’t in the mood. So I turned to my villain who was not in the mood to be evil.


There was nothing left for me to do but take a break, do more research, read a little, and write a few blog posts.

mud-652410_640At last, I returned to my WIP. Each sentence was like slogging through mud.

Then last week, as I was dusting our living room floor, my protagonist began whispering in my ear. She had the nerve to explain…

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