The Archivist — Chapter 7

Check out Chapter 7 from Anna Dobritt’s book, The Archivist from her blog.

Anna Dobritt -- Author


Chapter 7 

With few cars in the Clinic parking lot, Lennie parked near the entrance. The receptionist smiled in greeting. “Hi Lennie. It’s been a while since you’ve been here.”

“Yep. Which is a good thing, in my opinion. Is Dr. Mays free? I’m a Keeper and my charge here needs to get checked out.” Lennie reached behind and pulled the reluctant Nickie forward. “This is Nickie Atlan.”

The woman checked the computer screen. “Yes, Dr. Mays is available. You need to fill out some forms first.”

“Of course.” Lennie accepted the clipboard, and waved for Nickie to take a seat. “We’ll fill these out as best as we can.”

Nickie wrinkled her nose. “Okay. Why do Clinics and hospitals smell funny? Makes my nose itch.”

Lennie filled out the information under the Keeper section. “Do you know the first names of your parents?”

“Mitchel and Jennifer,” Nickie replied.


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