David Cousland: Self-published writer of mysteries and more, is my guest author today

Check out this guest post from author David Cousland courtesy of Jane Risdon’s blog.

Jane Risdon

David CouslandDavid Cousland

The Black Country MurdersThe Black Country Murders

David Cousland

is my guest author today and I thought I’d ask him to tell us about his route to writing and self-publishing.

Do take a look at his work which is available on Amazon. 

David, welcome and thanks for agreeing to chat to me and everyone. 

Please tell us about yourself, your background and former occupation.

I see your Dad was a bespoke tailor and that due to colour blindness you couldn’t follow him into the business:

Thanks Jane, great to be here.

I was born in 1950 in the heart of the industrial West Midlands (The Black Country), my early life spent in Tipton and Dudley.

I was educated at Dudley Grammar School where in retrospect I was one of those pupils who “must try harder / does not apply himself” and so on.

Despite being partially colour blind I managed…

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