Do you know how to write a good book description?

Here are some great tips on a topic I struggle with, writing a book description.

Jean's Writing

You know the kind I mean.

It’s a small blurb that goes on the back of your book. 

Then another one a bit longer that will sell your book. At least we all hope so. 

amazon book descrip gen

I only wrote about a dozen before I settled on one that I thought was pretty good. Then I had to write a short version and a long version. 

In all honesty, I may rewrite it again before I give the final okay to publish. It’s hard to know when something is good enough. You know what I mean?

I’ve read and read what makes good copy. Everyone has a different opinion, but most agree that the description needs to hook the reader.

Again with the hooks. Seems this term is one of the most important in writing. It pops up everywhere.

With all my reading and rereading books like mine in addition to successful…

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