Critique Groups

Here is a great post from Anna Dobritt on the topic of critique groups.

Anna Dobritt -- Author


Critique Groups

It’s no secret that I belong to the critique group called Writers World on Facebook. What is a critique group? It’s a place where you post pieces of your writing for others to read and comment on. They make suggestions to improve the writing, pointing out problems with your tense, point of view, if it’s interesting, etc. A great critique group with great members make the comments in a polite way, explaining things you don’t understand.

If you have problems with grammar and punctuation, there is someone in that group who will let you know what is wrong, but it’s up to you to accept what they tell you and make the changes. Also, you should make note of what they said for future reference, so you learn the rules. Yes, there are rules for writing a story, be it short or long. Don’t let anyone tell you…

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