7 Tips to Adding Fear Into Fiction

Check out this great post from the Legends of Windemere blog with 7 Tips to Adding Fear Into Fiction

Legends of Windemere

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Even if you don’t write horror, you may want to include some fear in your stories.  From fear, we can create hope and relief.  We can also drive people into despair and sadness.  It’s a fascinating jumping point for so many stories.  Yet, one does come off a little depraved if they enjoy the manipulation too much.  Still, we’ve come this far (5.5 sentences) and might as well move on to the advice.

  1. Fear doesn’t always come from gore.  That’s actually disgust.  The fear can come at the beginning because you are surprised by the gore, but it isn’t the main focus.  This may seem like it’s more for movies and shows.  It isn’t because authors add graphic descriptions of violence in their books at times.  Blood being described as it flies from a body and limbs getting hurled into the air like hats at a high…

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