4 Writer Reminders

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K.M. Allan

There’s so much to learn when writing a book, and even more to master when editing.

Not only do you have to be proficient in structuring plots, invoking the five senses, adding tension, writing realistic dialogue, and showing instead of telling, you also need to know what words to delete and which darlings to revive.

After doing all of that and more, you may end up with a finished book. You might even like that finished book.

One thing you will have for sure after writing your book is doubt. That pesky self-doubt that leaves you overwhelmed and convinced your work hasn’t hit your expectations.

When that happens, you need to convince yourself that you can do this, that you have done it, and keep in mind these reminders…

Your Story Is Only Boring To You

Repeat it. Print it out. Frame it. Hang it on…

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