The 2019 Author Interview Series Featuring Tracy Kauffman

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I’m happy to feature author Tracy Kauffman in this edition of the 2019 Author Interview Series. It’s interesting to see which questions authors select from my list to reveal a bit about themselves and their work to those of you that read their interviews.

Please enjoy meeting Tracy Kauffman.


  • What do you think are the elements of a good story?

I believe descriptive words  relay the story so it makes the reader feel they are there instead of being told the details of the story.

  • Do you view fellow authors as competitors, allies or are there some combination of the two? Why?

I believe other authors are allies because they can help each other in so many ways.  Authors know how to get their work done, published, marketed etc…. It’s always good to keep your author coworkers as friends and allies.


  • What marketing technique have you found to be the most effective? Ineffective?

Getting reviews is probably the most effective.  That way others can see what your book and writing is like.   Really any marketing technique is worthwhile so I don’t think anything is ineffective.

  • What writing advice have you found to be the most useful? (Book, blog, etc.)

More descriptions!  Ex. color of hair, eyes, smell in the air, noise in the background, etc…

what am i supposed to do text write on paper

  • What comes first in your writing, the plot or the characters?

The plot, then I write in the characters.  You can always change your characters after your basic idea or concept has been established.

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  • What tools do you use to write? (Computer, notebook, software, etc.)

Computer because I believe I can type faster than write with pen and paper.  I can save it strait to a file and send it easy to someone , and corrections are so much easier to edit, etc…

  • Do you outline? Are you a ‘pantser’? What techniques do you use to get started on a story?

I usually have a basic concept of what I’m going to write about, then brainstorm a little on what type of elements will be added to make the story better, then I began writing.  I write on a computer so I can scroll forward and backward to edit details or add details or make sure than I put the correct name to someone, etc…

  • Do you write in only a single genre? If so, what genre? If not, what genres?

I’ve written in lots of different genres such as historical fiction, but focusing now on Young Adult and kids.


  • What book(s) are you currently reading?

I’m reading romance at the moment: The Christmas Key by Lori Wilde.

jane austen

  • If you could interview a famous author, who would it be and what three questions would you ask him/her?

Jane Austen, because I love her writing.  If you could write something in today’s world, what would it be?  Did you realize that one day you would be so famous? What was your main reason for writing?

About Tracy:

Tracy Kauffman is a young adult and kids book author from Alabama.  She published her first book: Southern Adventures with Tate Publishing which gave her the courage to continue her writing.  She writes to inspire, edify and encourage others to fulfill their dreams.  Other works include: Richard the Lionheart, Southern Attraction, Gwendolyn’s Wish, My Boyfriend the Squire and Captain Honeybear.

Find Tracy’s Books:

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Southern Attraction-

Connect with Tracy:

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