Photography 101: An Excellent Reminder for Us All

Check out another great post from Stephen Dennstedt’s blog titled: Photography 101: An Excellent Reminder for Us All

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

Stephen F. Dennstedt 

What is the most important aspect of learning photography? Jamie Windsor: Learning photography is not about learning how to use a camera it’s about learning how to see. Even seasoned photographers often forget this important message.

Jamie Windsor is a young British lad: photographer, videographer and YouTube personality. I recently came across his channel and was immediately taken with his content—he focuses mostly on the philosophy and art of photography and not gear.

I’ve shared two of his videos already and will probably share more in the future. I preach endlessly about continuous learning and honing your craft on this blog—I think it’s THAT important. Gear reviews are a dime a dozen on the internet but to find someone who will take the time to engage in a serious discussion about the philosophy and aesthetics of photography is a rare treat indeed. I don’t know Jamie…

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