An Excerpt from New Release ‘Voyage of the Lanternfish’ – Guest Post by C.S. Boyack…

Check out this excerpt from C.S. Boyack’s newest work, Voyage of the Lanternfish. I enjoy his work immensely and you should check it out. Details are in this post from The Story Reading Ape blog.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Thanks, Chris, for having me back today. I’m so excited to talk about my new publication, Voyage of the Lanternfish.

This one is a pirate fantasy, and features all of the magic, monsters, and mayhem you might expect from one of my stories.

Today, I’m sharing an excerpt. I don’t usually go with these, but admit they boost interest in the story. This section occurs early in the tale. The characters have just fought a bunch of black cloaked assassins, and are leaving the city for good in a couple of wagons.

Johnny set a brisk pace away from the port.

Dan stuck his head out of the caravan. “What’s his hurry?”

“Even if there aren’t more assassins, the night watch isn’t going to ignore all that gunfire,” James said. “Besides, we even touched off the swivel gun. I don’t feel like answering questions tonight.”

“Well you’re going to…

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