Writing Personal Experience

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A Writer's Path

by ARHuelsenbeck

Don’t you just love to lose yourself in a true story, whether it features romance, mystery, or humor? Reading how other people live life can enrich yours.

People like to read about four kinds of personal experiences:

  • those that are universal,
  • those that show a person overcoming obstacles or recovering from tragedy,
  • those that awaken nostalgia, and
  • those that are unique.

If you are reading this article, you undoubtedly have experiences you want to share. How do you write them so they resonate with your readers?

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1 thought on “Writing Personal Experience

  1. A lot of what I talk about in my first book actually happened. Trouble is that some of it was so traumatic that the easiest way to talk about it is through the mouth of another character. Interestingly, writing about them brought a lot of closer.

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