Writers: 3 Tips for Better Promo on Goodreads from @ChrysFey

Check out this post from the How to eBook blog with 3 Tips for Better Promos on Goodreads

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Man holding phone in front of a field.by Chrys Fey, @ChrysFey 

Back in June Elizabeth graciously had me as a guest on her wonderful blog for 3 Things You’re Probably Not Doing on Goodreads that You Should. Shortly after that post went live, I thought of 3 more things you could do on Goodreads and wanted to do a follow-up post here. So, are you ready for 3 additional tips that are easy to do and can be beneficial to you and your books?

Well, here they are!

READ MOREhttps://elizabethspanncraig.com/promo-tips/3-more-things-you-should-do-on-goodreads/#comment-36601

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