Five For Friday: SF&F That Should Be A Movie Or TV Epic

Check out this post from The Story Empire blog with five SFF books and whether they should be a movie or TV epic.

Story Empire

Hello again, to all the story Empire readers. Somehow, I drew double duty this week with the Wednesday post and today’s Friday post. We’re trying something a bit new in our repertoire of Friday features and I am to be the happy guinea pig. So here goes nothing. If you missed the Monday post by C. S. Boyack, just click the link.

Here’s a list of five science fiction and fantasy books/series that I’d like to see as a movie or a TV/Internet series:

Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card – this book is the sequel to Ender’s Game which was made into a movie several years ago. Enders Game made a pretty good movie, but I thought that it could have been better if it were developed into some sort of series that could have covered more of the content better. Speaker for the Dead might make…

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