A Writing Lesson from C. S. Boyack

Check out this insightful writing lesson from author C.S. Boyack from this post on Joan Hall’s blog.

Joan Hall

Hello Readers! It’s my pleasure today to welcome back friend, fellow author, and Story Empire contributer, C. S. Boyack. He has a brand-new book titled The Yak Guy Project. And today he’s going to give us a writing lesson. It’s a pleasure to host you today, Craig!

Thanks for inviting me over today. One of the standards on a blog tour is to offer up a writing tip. These are hard posts to write, because it makes me sound like I know something. Time is my friend here, because I have a few stories under my belt these days, and I’ve written such posts before. We’re going to talk about character arc today.

Character arc means your character evolves as a person in some way throughout the story. I suppose they could regress and provide an interesting arc too, I’ve just never written one that way.

As an author…

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