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Meet author Jack Binding on the Bad Moon Rising series from the Books and Such blog.

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For those of you who aren’t avid readers of horror, maybe short stories are the way to enter those waters a few inches at a time before fully immersing yourself.  Today’s author offers that opportunity with his book of 18 short stories.  Welcome, Jack Binding!

Jack Binding’s Pills splices gritty realism with surreal imagery and otherworldly dread.

From the vicious high fashion horror of FMM (The Devils Wears Prada via Bret Easton Ellis-esque debauchery) to the stark, unsettling heartbreak of Sleeping Pills, Binding takes the reader on a journey through the secret parts of London that few people ever visit.

Influenced by writers such as Stephen King, Martin Amis and JG Ballard, there’s Cronenberg-inspired body horror, creepy kids (and their creepier parents), death, love (often unrequited), seedy massage parlours and late nights fuelled with lust and narcotics.

With overarching themes and characters, the 18 short stories in Pills can be…

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