Halloween Book Recommendation: Sheridan Le Fanu’s ‘Uncle Silas’

Looking for a Halloween book? Check out this recommendation from the Literati Pulp blog.

Literati Pulp

by Davy Kenney

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu is possibly one of the most underrated Victorian spook-smiths.

If you are a Bram Stoker aficionado, you will easily recognize many borrowed motifs in stories like “Carmilla” and “An Account of Some Strange Disturbances in Aungier Street.” But beyond his influence, Le Fanu is a master of horror.

49190Long ago, I read “Green Tea” and “Narrative of the Ghost of a Hand,” and the creepy images conjured by those stories have remained quite vivid in my mind. “Green Tea” in particularly uniquely realizes one of the most unsettling aspects of ghostly encounters – isolation. And here I do not simply mean being locked in a room.

No, I’m talking about an experience that separates you from the rest of humanity, an experience that makes it so that you can no longer share the same human experience that the people around you enjoy. As a…

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