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Check out First cut, by Chuck Buda, as featured on the Books and Such blog.

Books and Such

Happy Saturday!  I’m really enjoying reading about the paranormal experiences of some of the Bad Moon authors – and Chuck Buda recounts another one today.  Tales like these give you that prickly feeling on the back of your neck and make you turn on the light when you walk down the hallway – just in case.  They make Halloween special.

Boredom and the occult make strange bedfellows.

The popular kids of Tenafly High School were bored with upper middle class life. With a few months left before graduation, they made a decision to spice things up. What they intended quickly got away from them.

Aiden is the shy one. The one who follows along quietly. But now he will find himself forced to stand up to his tormentors. Or die.

Will the secret society devour the band of friends? How can the members maintain their individuality while submitting themselves to…

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