Rejection Comes With The Profession (5 Ways To Deal With Getting Told No)

Check out this guest post by Tyfany Janee from Rachel Poli’s blog on the topic of ways of being rejected as an author.

Rachel Poli

Today’s guest post is brought to you by author Tyfany Janee. Thanks, Tyfany!

Rejection is valuable. It reveals to us when our work or skills are still not good enough and need to be improved.

If it is painful for a reader to tell you that he does not like your work, the more it is that a publisher does. Why? Because editors are professionals in literature, they have seen and struggled with works of all colors, and therefore, have a greater understanding with books.

If a publisher says “no” to your work, there will be reasons why he has rejected it. From experience, we can say that nothing would be more pleasing than the scenario where all the works that were received by the publishers had enough quality to qualify them for publishing.

Look at it this way: do you get angry when the doctor tells you that you are…

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