Caroline Savage – Questionnaire

Here is another post in Douglass Williams Thurstan Smith’s series of author questionnaires. I had the honor of participating in this last week.

Douglas W.T. Smith

International project manager/developer, Caroline Savage, has secured millions of dollars in funding, assessed grants and tenders on panels, managed funding programs, mentored people and developed a web community:

Q1 – If you could tell your younger self anything, what

would it be?

Follow you heart and intuition more. I think we all question our gut reaction to things but, in hindsight, we are rarely wrong for what’s in our best interests.

Q2 – When was that moment when you realised that

language had power?

I’d been writing for years but I had a case relating to a child’s safety. Impassioned from the plight of the child, I wrote from the heart to advocate for them. It was in that moment, I realised words can bleed on the page, empower the reader to action and create change.

Q3 – Who is your favourite author and why?

Sherrilyn Kenyon – I…

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