Summer Companion 2017

Here are some suggestions for some good reads for the summer from The Lost in Books blog.

The Lost in Books

As the summer comes, it’s a time for a good beach read hunting. If you’re still struggling with the decision what to read this summer maybe this literary fiction selection of novels and short stories will solve your problem.

S ince I’ve already shared my thoughts on “Understanding The Beach Read” and how much this label excludes from its definition genres other works than fiction, I’d like to take this opportunity to present you, for your consideration, my suggestions for this summer reads. Unlike many people, I do not change for the summer what I usually read. I just read the same genre and try to catch up with great books that I haven’t had a chance or time to read earlier. Literary fiction can, and I genuinely believe, is a great companion for your vacations. Without further ado here’s the list.

“The NIX”DSC_9064
Nathan Hill

Published by Knopf 2016

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