Useful Tips for Self-Editing a Manuscript

A Writer's Path


by Emily Nemchick

Whilst there is no substitute for hiring a professional editor, self-editing is an important skill for any writer to hone. For one thing, the more passes a manuscript gets, the fewer errors will remain in the final product. If you are using an editor, be sure to self-edit thoroughly first so they can focus on the things you have missed. If you are not using an editor, then self-editing is doubly essential. Here are a few tips to make sure you catch as many errors as possible.

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10 thoughts on “Useful Tips for Self-Editing a Manuscript

  1. Hey Don! I have recommended your blog to an author-friend, Roger, who blogs as heroicallybadwriter and Woebegone but Hopeful. He has self-published one book, but sales were in the single digits. He has just finished writing another, which I am reading in segments and making suggestions on grammatical and spelling, though not content. He is, I think, an excellent writer. His first book was a humorous, factual early history of the UK, and the recent one is more whimsical, a fantasy novel. His writing is great fun, as this man can turn anything into humour. I told him that you help new writers and also promote many. Mostly what Roger needs is marketing skills, I think. He cannot afford an agent, and will be self-publishing his latest book sometime this year. Not asking anything, but just letting you know that I have suggested he visit your blog for some ideas on publishing and marketing his work. Any help you can give him, I appreciate! Thanks Don!

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