Blog Tour: The Coffin Maker by Mark Fowler @CarolineBookBit @MFowlerAuthor

Check out the book, The Coffin Maker, by Mark Fowler, as it makes a blog tour stop on the Baatty About Books blog.


Been abit quiet recently as life has been seriously  busy recently so apols for this. But today I am able to share the 1st Chapter of The Coffin Maker with you all and I hope you enjoy it,

Thanks Caroline for asking me to take part in the tour.

BlogTourPoster Coffin Maker - Mark Fowler - May 29th to June 6th- perfectAbout the Book

The Coffin Maker lives and works alone in the Kingdom of Death. When he completes a coffin a life on Earth ends. That’s how it’s always been. One day as Coffin sits writing in his journal, The History of Death, trying to sum it all up in one perfect sentence, a note sails past his window. Is he about to gain a glimpse of the elusive Divine Plan that has eluded him for centuries? Is life in the Kingdom of Death about to change forever? There are rumours that the devil is finally arriving in the guise of…

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