Bobby Underwood: Multi-genre Author is my Guest – tipping his hat to Pulp Fiction and The Golden Age

Meet multi-genre author Bobby Underwood, featured guest on Jane Risdon’s blog.

Jane Risdon

Bobby Underwood

Multi-genre author Bobby Underwood is my Guest today. I’m so pleased to feature him. I love his writing.

This is what he has to say about himself – my interview with him begins further down.

Like Robert Ludlum and Raymond Chandler, things didn’t line up for me until my forties, when I began seriously pursuing writing. I have been prolific since embarking on my writing career, steadfast in my belief that a story told well, in any genre, will find a home in the heart of most readers. Because of that belief, I write in many genres, including modern day Mystery and Crime, Romance, Westerns, Science Fiction, and Pulp suspense homages set in the 1940s. My style, and the type of stories I tell, harken back to writers of old. I bring something ethereal to my more romantic pieces, something nostalgic to my stories set in the past…

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