Guest author: M. C. Tuggle – It’s Not A Human!

Check out this post from guest author, M.C. Tuggle, from Sue Vincent’s blog

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Photo: Sue Vincent

One of my concerns as a parent and observer in the early 21st century is the anti-human climate we’re creating for ourselves and our posterity. It’s also a theme that drives much of my fiction. A recent article in the Independent Online reveals this is a concern to many others as well. As the article noted: “The modern world is radically at odds with the way human senses have evolved, helping to make us short-sighted, obese and depressed, scientists have warned.”

We live and work in artificial light, cut off from fresh air and a dynamic natural environment. We stuff ourselves with industrial food, then, instead of communing with friends and family, we slump in front of the television for hours of mindless distraction.No wonder we’re sick, physically and spiritually. Charlene Spretnak, a prolific and insightful writer on ecology, while attending a lecture on animals…

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