Indie Author Friday: Myrtle Brooks #indieauthor #literary @JGCitygin

Meet author Myrtle Brooks, featured indie author on the Books and Such blog.

Books and Such

It’s finally Friday!!!  And that means it’s time to welcome another indie author to Books & Such.  Myrtle Brooks is here to share her intriguing story about an infant adopted and raised by Old Faithful geyser and a mother buffalo.  She also offers valuable writing advice and names the cereal that describes her colorful personality.

The story, a fable on man’s edification through nature’s examples, begins during the era of the First U.S. Cavalry in Fort Yellowstone, and the founding of the National Park Service 100 years ago in 1916.

At the turn of the twentieth century, an infant of mysterious origin is adopted by Old Faithful geyser and by a mother buffalo named Bearer of Song. Beloved to all the park, Flower of the Steam Basin grows up with their stories, proverbial sayings and teachings: in a land where the animals, winds and geysers speak their own languages.


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