Indie authors, do you read work by other indie authors?

Over the past two years, I have done book reviews sporadically on my blog. Mostly the reviews were for detective/mystery novels by well-known authors. As an indie author, I avoided reading work by other indie authors. I made some exceptions early on reading books by Nicholas Rossis and my good high school friend Nick Davis. Both of those reading experiences were positive.

Lately, I read works by John Howell, an author and blogger well known to many of you. I enjoyed reading his work and I believe the reviews I posted resulted in some positive exposure for John.

This led me to approaching the reading of work by indie authors in a different light. I’m going to continue to read and review work by indie authors as another outlet for helping the community. I am going to lay out some ground rules, however:

  1. I will not have a set schedule for reviewing indie works
  2. I will not accept requests to review books. I want it to be spontaneous and something I continue to enjoy
  3. If a book is not at a a certain level of quality in terms of formatting, story telling, grammar, etc., I will likely not finish it and will not post a review.

I really want to continue to help indie authors and I think posting negative reviews will defeat that purpose.

Anyway, I’m already in the process of reading an indie author’s book and will be posting a review sometime this week. Hopefully some of you who do not generally post reviews will emulate this process and pick up one of my books or another indie author that needs some exposure.

If you have thoughts on this, please let me know.

25 thoughts on “Indie authors, do you read work by other indie authors?

  1. I try to read as many indie authors as I can. I love supporting other indie authors, and always appreciate when other authors read my book. In my writing group which has about 250 members, the rule of thumb is if you aren’t going to give the book a 5 or 4 star review then don’t review it. The stars matter on Amazon and its not productive to criticize another author on Amazon and Goodreads. Im not one to give a bad review anyway, but I like that it’s a norm for the writing group. It creates an air of support as we all want to have our books read.

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  2. I add them to a list then purchase the ones within genres I enjoy, then I post a review. I never expect a return on investment, but I like to add to the community of indie authors if I can help in some part. Sometimes I stumble across great writing and potential, sometimes not so much.

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