As Madness Looms, The Goals Must Go On

Legends of Windemere

Geez, where to even start?  Things are flying everywhere today and I’m not sure where to start.  Just look at how late this post is coming and how I’m not even scheduling it.  I wanted to finish a beta-reading project and send that off first.  Things got shaky this morning with getting some stuff set up for Ritual of the Lost Lamb.  I’ll mention that one:

Ritual of the Lost Lamb will go LIVE on Thursday, May 11th!

I’ve got everything, but I’m finishing up an editing run to be safe. Not to mention Sunday and Monday have events that made publishing this weekend impossible.  At least with next Thursday, I get take a little more time to fine tune a few spots and prep some interviews that can go out that morning.  Promoting is going to be a slight headache this time around only because many of the…

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