Opening Scene: Ichabod Brooks & Toy Tower

Legends of Windemere

Ichabod Brooks

“Number thirty-eight!” a voice shouts from the multi-colored tower. The rubbery orb at the base opens up to show the bubble-filled room within. “We will only wait ten minutes before moving on to the next guest. It is a busy day and we know the Eternal Carnival makes for an excellent final indulgence, but rules are rules. This is why we always suggest that you come two days early and get the games out of your system before challenging Toy Tower. Also remember that all attempts to imitate will be met with the utter destruction of you and your residence under the cover of night. Thank you and enjoy your day. Number thirty-eight!”

Ichabod Brooks takes another look at his contract and sighs, the dark-skinned adventurer leaving his turkey leg and ale behind. The crowd cheers when he stands up and they chant his number at the top…

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