Tell Me No Secrets by @LyndaStacey #review @ChocLitUk

Check out this review of the book, Tell Me No Secrets, by Lynda Stacey, from the Portobello Book Blog

Portobello Book Blog


Tell Me No Secrets is Lynda Stacey’s second novel with ChocLit, the first House of Secrets, having won their Search for a Star competition in 2015. Tell Me No Secrets follows Kate Duggan as she begins a new job in a private investigator’s firm. Kate hasn’t worked for a while having been seriously injured in a car accident which claimed the life of her brother and left her twin sister Eve in a wheelchair. Kate was left badly scarred by the accident and this has really knocked her self-confidence. As she gets to know her new colleagues when she begins her work investigating possible drug dealing, she soon finds herself in dangerous situations and with the biggest danger closer to home that she might think.

I have to start by saying how much I hated Kate’s partner Rob. He was so awful to her and I couldn’t understand why she’d…

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