How To Survive In Retail: Out Now!

Check out the book, How to Survive in Retail, by Gem Stone and R.J.H. McDowell, now available on Amazon from the Gem Stone Author blog

How To Survive In Retail: The Shop Assistants Guide To Reaching Retirement.

Dealing with the general public day in, day out can be an ordeal as anyone who’s ever worked in retail will tell you. I know in the past I’ve made jokes about my profession and those jokes inspired this book. I teamed up with my good friend R.J.H. McDowell, who also works in retail, and together we have put together a guide. However, in true Gem Stone style, I couldn’t take it seriously so this is a book that walks you through every aspect of retail … and basically takes the mic out of it. I’d like to share a snippet with you. I hope you find it funny.



No matter what company you work for there are always managers and retail is no different. However, the management system can be rather confusing so I’m going…

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