Can a bad idea make a good story?

Check out this post from Jean’s Writing blog on how a bad idea might make a good story

Jean's Writing

Of course! At least I think any idea can make a good story.

Because are there really any bad ideas? Or just bad execution?

We all have that one friend who when they start with, “Let me tell you…,” we cringe. Yet a different friend can call, and we can’t wait to hear the ending of “Let me tell you…” Because this person will leave us laughing or crying.

What’s the difference?One is dry as dust with the telling, and another is entertaining.

A few weeks ago I posted about fleshing out ideas. But I was assuming the idea was a good one.

But what if your idea doesn’t sound all that good to other people? What then? Do you throw it out and search for another subject?

No, not necessarily. Everything is in the delivery.

After reading How to Develop Any Idea Into a Great Story at Writers Digest

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