Nomination for the Blogger Recognition Award

Phenomenal author and blogger, Aurora Jean Alexander from The Writer’s Treasure Chest has nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. This came on the day I reached 1,000 followers, so the timing was fantastic. Thank you so much, Aurora. I enjoy following your blog and reading all of your helpful posts.



Blogger Recognition Award Rules

  • Thank the blogger/s who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Write a post about the Blogger Recognition Award
  • Briefly tell how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • Select 15 bloggers to give this award to

How I started

I published my first book in April of 2014. I didn’t really know what blogging was or how it could help me as an author. I started a blog on WordPress and basically just spent 2014 and 2015 promoting my books and posting occasionally. I kept reading posts from other authors that extolled the benefits of blogging, not just for promotion, but to learn from others and be part of a community.

In February of 2016, with just 10 followers, I decided to get serious about my blog. I did this by following the examples of successful bloggers and interacting with others in the community. Within a year, I reached 1,000 followers and was nominated for the “Hidden Gem” award at the 2016 Blogger’s Bash.

My mission is to seek out those hidden gems, blogs that have a small following, but also have great content to share, and help them grow.

Two Pieces of Advice

  1. Post consistently. If you want to share things like writing tips, have a designated day each week to do so. Your followers will start to anticipate those things each week.
  2. Vary your content. You can use your blog to share what you do, but also tell your followers about yourself. Vacation pictures, favorite books and movies, and other life events are a great way to help your followers get to know you as a person.

My Nominees

There are so many more that I could have listed.

15 thoughts on “Nomination for the Blogger Recognition Award

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  2. Thank you for the nomination, Frank. You have the Who’ who of bloggers on your list and am honored to be there as well. I don’t normally do awards but since it’s you and you are such an inspiration I’ll have to give it a go. Not sure when, but want to thank you very much.

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