Get To Know… Author David McCaffrey

Meet author David McCaffrey courtesy of the By The Letter Book Reviews blog


Today I am very excited to welcome the wonderful and very talented David McCaffrey to my blog. Get ready for the big awww at this gorgeous profile picture.

unnamed-9I was born in the North East but grew up in East Preston, West Sussex. Even back then as a child, I had a passion for writing. I would do daft stories that were follow ups to my favourite films or television series, but the desire was always there…to entertain others.

As destiny would have it I became a nurse, but my interest in writing never disappeared, only faded into the distance. Until my first son was born. Inexplicably, I felt compelled to write. No idea why to this day, but I, one day, just needed to start writing about a story that had been rattling around my head…about serial killers, murder and death. The usual thoughts that go through your head…

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