Pitching a Movie Idea with a Beginners Mind

For authors wanting to take that scary step into movies, here is a great post from Alexis Rose from the A Tribe Untangled blog


Beginners Mind refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, staying full of curiosity and wonder.

I have tried and been fairly successful with staying in a beginners mind when it came to writing, publishing, and marketing my books. Especially with Untangled. Not only because it’s my memoir, but because I understood the gratitude I would feel each time someone purchased the book and read it. It’s been sixteen months since Untangled has been published. Not only do I feel gratitude at the way the book has grown legs, but I feel extremely humbled by the feedback I receive from readers. My hope is that the book continues to reach more people every day.

When I decided to self-publish Untangled, it was because I wanted control of the voice in my book, I wanted all the rights and I wasn’t willing to bend on any of that. I worked closely with my editor to…

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2 thoughts on “Pitching a Movie Idea with a Beginners Mind

  1. Hi there, I wish you every success with your project, I to have written a pilot episode based on my memoir Follow in the Tigermans Footsteps that Voyage Media thinks us suitable for a television series
    Unfortunately I don’t have contact s like you have, but I’m still hoping to get somewhere with it, Who knows I might just be lucky. Anyway good luck.

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